Grian is an independently run platform created in an attempt to address the current issues concerning global warming and environmental degradation in Ireland.


We contain information related to various topics related to the environment; renewable energy, forestry, organisations and various green businesses. This is all centralised on a free-to-use website.


We aim to raise awareness about the problems facing our natural world.


There has been a green surge in recent years as more and more people realize the damaging effects of global warming.


Grian hopes to build upon this, catering to people young and old who want to make changes to their lifestyle to help the environment.


We provide the tools necessary to do this.


Grian offers two main services.


We  obtain quotes from contractors throughout Ireland for renewable energy and renewable heat installation, ensuring you get the best deal possible while also doing your part to reduce your carbon footprint.


This service extends to anyone interested in forestry plantation, linking you with plantation specialists.


The website and services provided by Grian are free-to-use with no hidden costs.

We charge no fee and take no commission.  There is an option to donate if you would like to support us however.

You decide if you'd like to pursue further, no obligations!

Our Goals

Reduce the carbon footprint of the people of Ireland through changes in energy consumption and by encouraging more environmentally conscious living practices.


Raise awareness about sustainability and provide people with the opportunity  to  make changes to their life to benefit the planet.


Ensure the preservation of the natural environment of Ireland and the wider planet for generations to come.


A Green Ireland 

Ireland needs to step up to the challenge of global warming. To step up to it we first need to know what we're facing and what options are available to us to stop it.
Grian contains this information, being updated regularly in line with various advancements in technology and governmental announcements.
We are not affiliated with any business or government body, so you can be sure that you are reading unbiased, factual content.