France: 5.2 t

UK: 5.7 t

Germany: 9.7 t

Portugal: 5.5 t

Finland: 8.5 t

Sweden: 5.1 t

Poland: 8.4 t

Luxembourg: 16.4 t

Estonia: 13.7 t

Latvia: 4.1 t

Lithuania: 5.3 t

Belgium: 9.1 t

Spain: 6.1 t

Netherlands: 10.3 t

Italy: 6.1 t

Czech Republic: 10.3 t

Slovakia: 7.3 t

Hungary: 5.2 t

Romania: 4.1 t

Bulgaria: 7.0 t

Greece: 6.5 t

Austria: 8.3 t

Cyprus: 6.0 t

Slovenia: 7.3 t

Ireland: 8.2 t


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  • Most commonly planted tree in plantations in Ireland

  • Favoured for fast growth rate, rotation between 35-45 years

  • A non-native species, originates in the west coast of North America

  • This species does not support a healthy ecosystem as the trees block out all light to the ground, suffocating any potential growth from native species.

  • Suited for poorer quality upland soils due to shallow root system

  • Lowest grant payment for this species