The IWT is the premier conservation charity in Ireland, working to protect the various plants, animals and habitats present in Ireland

The mass die-off of bees world-wide is an issue with potentially disastrous results. The Irish Bee Conservation Project work to preserve the habitats of our dwindling native bee population.

BirdWatch Ireland are the largest independant conservation organisation in Ireland, devoting their time to protecting Ireland's rich birdlife and the habitats in which they reside.

The IWDG focuses on the conservation and tracking of our extensive whale and dolphin population.


The Native Woodland Trust dedicates their time to preserving Ireland's remaining ancient woodlands. They are also involved in several projects aiming to restore these vital habitats.

Crann is an organisation that was set up to raise awareness about the importance of our trees, woodlands and other plant life on our island.

The IPCC recognizes the uniqueness and importance of our native peatlands, which for years have been overharvested and drained for peat and agricultural land. The IPCC are committed to protecting these habitats and all the plants and animals that call our bogs their homes.

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