Global Warming is a pressing issue with no easy solution. Increased renewable energy implementation and a global coordinated effort to cut greenhouse gas emissions will be required in order to combat the warming of our planet. 

Aside from global warming, the planet is facing a mass extinction of plant and animal life. This is due to several reasons such as deforestation and destruction of habitat to make way for crops and livestock. It's mainly the consumer habits of the developed world which fuels the degradation of the natural world. Ireland like many other countries worldwide is turning a blind eye to unsustainably sourced materials and products. 

There are many businesses which have taken notice of this, by producing products which have less of an impact on the environment. Grian features several in the hopes of encouraging more environmentally friendly spending throughout all aspects of Irish life.

Ireland's biodiversity has suffered greatly over the past few centuries. Destruction of Ireland's habitats for agriculture and urban areas has resulted in the disappearance of a variety of native plant and animal species. Several others are threatened with extinction. The only way to prevent a further loss to Ireland's biodiversity is to take real action to preserve and build on what remains. The organisations included on Grian devote their time to this cause.