We aim to make it easier to switch to a more sustainable lifestyle

With information on climate policy, renewable energy, and other topics related to the environment and sustainable living, Grian serves as a hub for anyone to use for free, centralising all this information in one place.

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We will consult local solar and wind data to determine what is best for you. We will then obtain quotes from various contractors to ensure that you get the best deal. No contract, no fuss. Just an easier way to start using renewable energy.

For information on renewable energy  in Ireland and why you should consider it please click below.

Heat pumps are becoming an increasingly popular method to meet your heat energy needs. Grian will obtain quotes for installation of heat pumps in your home and business direct from our list of suppliers.

Free heat pump quote

For an explanation on heat pumps and their use as well as grants available please click below.

"The only reason runaway global warming seems unstoppable is that we have not yet tried to stop it" - Gregg Easterbrook


There are several grants available to consumers to assist in the costs of upgrading to a more sustainable and environmentally friendly business or household.

These grants are issued by SEAI (Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland). Electric Ireland also provides grants to customers for insulation upgrades.


We currently include information on grants relating to renewable electricity (solar electricity), renewable heat (solar thermal and heat pumps) as well as home energy upgrades such as insulation.

1. Click here to be taken to the      Grian solar energy page which includes information on the grants available.

2. Click here to be taken to the Grian heat pump page which contains information on grants available.

3. Click here to be taken to the Grian home energy page which contains information on the grants available.

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